What'd Ya Say - Kathi Romano-Captain, Tom Romano, Anthony "Scott" Casagrande, Daniel Heppler Jr, Anthony Heppler, Damon Kurtzberg, Karyn Byrne and Mike Kovacs
Barry's Ashes - Maria Saccente-Captain,  Patsy Saccente, Mike Heiser, Claude Wieman, Dina Dwyer, Peter Catapano, Mary Lou Fava and Mark Billhimer.  **In memory of Barry Seltman - 1955 - 2020**
Light Pool Play - Keith Corso-Captain, Ken Reinhardt Jr., Felicia Reinhardt, Natalee Fagone, Genepat Byrd, Dave Ertmann and Vickiann Vachula
T-Rax - Craig Mantynen-captain, Cynthia Mantynen, Craig Seale, Keith Corso, Benjamin Dolley, Sarah Dolley, Hedy Sifre and Natalee Fagone

Honey Badgers - Bob Miceli-captain, Kristine Miceli, John Moje, Steve Balslov, Mike Friedmann, Donna Lynch, Jim Devine and Vickiann Vachula
Grille in the Ville - Christian Ayala-captain, John McCumiskey, Bill Fitzgerald, Malcolm Parrish, Brandon Gamblin, Andy Daponte, Dominick D'Esposito and Nigel Brown 


8 on the G Snap - Sandra Rivera-captain, Nicole Rivera, Grace Cover, Pamela Schifter and Kathi Romano

Just Focus - Heather Barker-captain, Sharon Tarry, Hedy Sifre and Mia Caban

8-Ball Doubles Winners
The Rejects - Chuckie Corbett & Daniel Heppler Jr.

9-Ball Doubles Winners
Double Down 25 - Wanda and Oscar Reyes

Players who bought into the tournaments (these players paid their own way to Vegas when offered the opportunity last year):

Jack & Jill 
Nothing but Luck - Anthony Heppler & Kathi Romano
Slow Motion - Keith Corso & Karyn Byrne

Team Captain
Breaking Ballz - NY - Eric Euler, Ron Boehringer and Ralph Passarelle
The Suffolk County 4 - Seth Dambrot, James Garcia, Gerry DiFilippo and Guy Graziano
Wrong Answer! - Tom Romano, Felix Cabrera, Dan Heppler Jr and Karyn Byrne
Disinfectant Injection - Keith Corso, Justin Daniels, Kathi Romano, Chuck Corbett, and Hedy Sifre

Bar Box Jokers - Scott Casagrande, Mike Ettl, Tom Romano and Evan Broxmeyer