PLEASE READ INFO BELOW BEFORE CALLING THE OFFICE WITH QUESTIONS!  Most of what you want to know will be listed here.


Below are the Winners from the Spring 2020 Session.  All winners are invited to play in the 2020/2021 MVP Tournament which will be held January, 2022
RSVP invites will be sent out in late November.   

The Winners Chosen are based on what their handicap was on the last week of play.   I have turned off the standings on the app to avoid any confusion on who won for which skill level.  When we came back to pool, we combined a few divisions and the data didn't transfer over properly.  If you have any questions about MVP, please call me in the office starting FRIDAY 6/11!  I am very busy getting things ready for tonight's & Saturday's tri-cup and do not have the time today.  


Congratulations to all the winners! 

SKILL LEVEL 011 012 013 022 024 026
2     Donna Smith Debora Link-Devine Michael Dobriner/Danielle Maresca Jeannine Conticelli
3 Leslie Jakob Natalee Fagone/Thomas Manetta Matthew Dunscomb Nancy Ferrer/Kerri Redzematovic Song Epstein Sarah Dolley
4 Joe Nullet Bryan Roberts Gilda Berry Andrew Washington Steven Blair Thomas Malloy
5 Mike Rivera Genepatrick Byrd Nilson Fuentes Jose Barros Justin Rabstejnek Dave Bonade Sr.
6 Carl Pedersen John Micciche George Kelly Jesse Villalta Ralph Hoener Tom Romano
7   Evan Broxmeyer   Vinny Ciaravino/Angel Alcantara Gregory Riordan Craig Seale
  025 041 042 044 051 052
2 Chrissy Desimone   Matthew D'Addario   Marylou Fava Barbara Kelly
3 Joe Mendes Craig Stein William Marino William Berry Sandra Rivera Deanna DeSilva
4 Hedy Sifre/Kenneth Reinhardt Sr. Mike Kalin Jeffrey Raifman Terry Bisaccio Colleen Hugel Minako Hara
5 Edward Gawlowski Jose Figueroa Mark Schilling Chris Moser Caroline Casagrande Alicia Sargent
6 Joe Bell Ed Morris Kenny Brown Neil Tasso Julia Romano Joyce Hugh
7 Chuck Champlin Brian Hanrahan Rob Moresky Scott Casagrande    
SKILL LEVEL 031 046 047 048 071 072 073
1   Gus Cataldo Melissa Zervakos   Robin Bloom-Kudysch   Heidi Haller
2 Jennifer Daponte Ann Lopez Raymond Reek John Euler Tanya Wood Joseph Romano Michelle Manners
3 Debra Puca William Shockley Aurelio Rondon Elizabeth Kidney Colleen Hugel Chris Dunscomb Aurelio Rondon
4 John Pedro Travis Kelly/ Fred Fischer  Eric Glussich Donal Mullally Harol Lopez Ronda Grady John Pedro
5 Caroline Casagrande Michael Hickey Mark Walshin Ralph Passarelle Danny Heppler John Boyle Brandon Gamblin
6 Henry Flores Scott Gileta Joe Wagner John Moje Theresa Tascarella Julia Romano Joe Sargent
7 Tom Romano Joe Bell Jerry Parker   Chuckie Corbett Jeff Dillon Mike Kaplan
8         Justin Daniels    
9 Mark Perel       Evan Broxmeyer