The APA 8-Ball Classic       The APA 9-Ball Shootout

Ever heard of us talking about Singles Boards?  Don't have any idea what we are talking about?  Here is the information...


You enter a singles board at your current skill level.  The cost is usually $20 plus a minimal table time fee.  You may play people of any skill level at the local level unless otherwise specified.  You play 2-3 matches to qualify and once you win, you move on to the Regional tournament.  You can play in as many boards as you like until you qualify.   


The regional tournaments are held here in Suffolk in October and March each year.  At the regional, you play in boards with people from Suffolk, Nassau, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Manhattan and play with people of your own skill level.  The boards are as follows:


Blue Tier ~ 8-Ball skill level 2's & 3's
Yellow Tier  ~  8-Ball skill level 4's 
Red Tier   ~    8-Ball skill level 5's
Orange Tier   ~  8-Ball skill level 6's
Purple Tier   ~  8-Ball skill level 7's
Green Tier ~ 9-Ball skill level 1-2-3's
White Tier ~ 9-Ball skill level 4's & 5's
Grey Tier  ~  9-Ball skill level 6's & 7's
Black Tier ~ 9-Ball skill level 8's & 9's

If you win at the regional event, you move on to the National Tournament in Las Vegas which is held in the end of April, beginning of May each year.  


Here is a short video about the program...