Please print a Patch form and keep track during the session.  You can submit the form mid session and/or at the end of the session and we will get all patches out to you as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your patience!

8 on Break                                    8 Break & Run                                 Rackless Night Patch
1st One Free each                         1st One Free each                          Win the lag & win all your games
session $1 for additional                session $1 for additional                  $1 per patch at all times
9 on the Snap                                 9 Break & Run                                  Skunk Patch
 1st One Free each                           1st One Free each                           Win your match 20-0
session, $1 for additional                  session, $1 for additional                  $1 per 

5-0 Clean Sweep & Team Sweep                                    Mini-Slam Patches
If every player on your team wins                                 Earn a 9 on Snap & 9 Break & Run
their individual match.  $1 per patch                             Earn an 8 on Break & 8 Break & Run
                                                                                      Must be earned in the same session  

Grand Slam Patch                                    I Beat a 6  -  I Beat a 7  -  I Beat an 8  -  I Beat a 9
Earn all 4 in one session                             (8B Only)     (both)             (9B Only)        (9B Only)
8onB, 8B&R, 9onS, 9B&R                              $1 per patch
Patch is Free! 

These patches are free for the asking.  Please write on your sheet when earned.  (Yes, you can get patches if you passed those milestone already.)

100 Match Club  -  250 Match Club  -  500 Match Club  -  750 Match Club  -  1000 Match Club