August 2, 2022

Fall Session Will start on September 8th!
Team Captain Meetings to be Held on September 6th & 7th - Locations T/B/A.
Fall Session will be 14 weeks - Playoff week 1 will be before the Holiday's and week 2 will be the first week of January.  

Summer Session Tri-Cups
September 16th - 18th

9-Ball ~ Tier 1 & Tier 2:  Round 1 on Friday 9/16 at 7:30pm; Round 2 on Saturday 9/17 at 4pm
8-Ball Tier-1:  Round 1 on Saturday at 7:30pm; Round 2 on Sunday at noon.
8-Ball Tier-2:  Round 1 on Saturday at 10:30am and Round 2 at 1pm.  (*New Format - we will give each team 2 tables to start their 1st and 2nd matches at the same time.)  Should be done with both of your rounds by 3:30. 

Locations to be announced once the schedule is figured out.


Our New Masters League will be starting on August 21st.  It will be a combination of Nassau Teams and Suffolk Teams and we will travel in between counties.  Please join us for the Masters meeting to take place on August 14th at VIP Billiards at 2pm.   

And They're Off!  Safe Travels and Good Luck WPQ Teams!

8-Ball Team Winners:
The Expendables
Dan Karayeanes - captain
Angie Dunscomb - co-captain
Chris Moser
Danny Nicklas
James Pyne
Chris Dunscomb
Ronda Grady
John Boyle

Breakin' Balls
Rick Oliveri - captain
Amy Simmons - co-captain
Neil Tasso
James Stephens
Mike Ismail
Oscar Reyes
Janel Sydnor
Chris Sydnor

8-Ball Gods
John Robinson - captain
Isaac "Famous" Harris - co-captain
John Robinson Jr.
Stephen "Biz" Marner
William Berry
Kavon Sexton
Charles Hudson
Lareyton Williams

9-Ball Team Winners:
LI 9-Ballin
Doug Cavell - captain
Jason Nestler - co-captain
Elizabeth Kidney
Dave Lauer
Mike Lawrence
Dylan Moser
Tom Yanotti
Chuck Bowman

Shot 4 Shot
Christine Dorilio - captain
Gina Dorilio - co-captain
Joyce Hugh
Alicia Sargent
Joe Sargent
Angel Alcantara
Ann Fourniotis
Gilda Berry

Jack & Jill Team: 
Yin & Yang
Katie Antanaitis & Jose Flores

Ladies Team:
Wooosa! 84-1
Marian Ingle
Martha-Ibis Blake
Franny Wright

Team Captain Teams:
Last Pocket Left Crew
Gregory Wiggins
Oscar Reyes
James Garrett

Organized Chaos
Guy Graziano
Katie Antanaitis
Larry Ross
Albert O'Brien

Dry Break
Ron Boehringer
Eric Euler
Ralph Passarelle
Steve Balslov

Masters Team:
Scott Casagrande
Mike Ettl
Tom Romano
Angel Alcantara 

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