We had an unbelievable response this year so I have changed things up a bit. Please read the new rules below.  I think you will all like this format better. Here are the brackets for the teams:

Teams Starting at 5PM

Teams Starting at 7PM

Round Times

This will still be a scotch triples tournament.  Each team was placed into a "flight" of 4 total teams.  You will play each team in your flight once, 2 games of 8-Ball & 1 game of 9-Ball. (So you will play a total of 3 rounds of 3 games per round). After your final round, points will be totaled and a winner determined to go on to the final bracket for the plaques and prizes.  There are no time outs in the game but you can talk with your teammates while the other team is shooting.  You will let your opponents know your order.  Once you break in the first game, you must maintain that order for the whole match.  If player 2 sinks the 9-ball, player 3 breaks the next game, etc.  When you move on to your next match, you can change up your order if you like.  When done, please turn your scoresheet back in asap so we can keep things moving.  

I received permission to do a few late boards!  This will be the last chance to qualify for the Spring Regionals!  Sign up for only ONE format to start and you can join in the other when you are done. 
$20 per board/$5 table time for the day.  We will keep running boards until we run out of people or time. 


Sign ups begin December 1st on the website.
Please check back Monday. 
  I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to have players sign up and need to get through this Holiday Bash weekend first.  

Click Here for Information!


Our Doubles league has 2 weeks left - December 8th and January 5th.  The Vegas Playoffs will be held at VIP on January 6th.  Please make sure that all teams report scores immediately to me via text the night of the 5th so I can draw the Wild Cards and post the playoff bracket that night.  Click here to see the bracket.  Good Luck to all!

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December 2023
Events for the Next Month
Date Description
Dec 2 2023 5:00PM - Dec 2 2023 11:59PM Holiday Bash Scotch Triples up to 16 - 12/2 - VIP - 5pm
Dec 2 2023 5:00PM - Dec 2 2023 11:59PM Holiday Bash Scotch Triples up to 13 - 12/2 - VIP - 5pm
Jun 7 2024 7:00PM - Jun 9 2024 7:00PM 2024 8-Ball World Pool Qualifier
Jun 7 2024 7:00PM - Jun 8 2024 7:00PM 2024 9-Ball World Pool Qualifier