Singles TournamentsThese are tournaments that you enter with your current skill level.  All players must be on an active team with at least 10 scores in the format which you are playing.   There are typically 8 people on a board and they play down to 1 winner.  That winner goes on to the Regional event held in the Fall or spring.  At the regional, you are bracketed with players of the same ability and winners will go to Vegas each year in April/May for the National Event.
Scotch Doubles EventsThese are two players with a maximum combined limit usually of 10 but for cash events it can go as high as 12.  This is an alternate shot tournament where players alternate as a team until they lose their turn.  If you sink the 8-ball, your opponent breaks the next game and so on. 
Special Events All other events will have rules and formats posted.


5th  -  Doubles League Finals for Vegas @VIP at 12pm

  -  Cash Singles tournament at Clyde's Bar & Billiards, Mount Sinai.  $20 entry fee, 100% payback, single game, double elimination.  7:30pm sign in, 8pm start
12th  -   Doubles League Second Chance Tournament @ Goodfellas at 12pm
19th  -  8-Ball Scotch Doubles for Vegas in May 2022 - OPEN TO ALL! 12pm @ VIP.   Teams of 2 players, must have at least 20 scores in the past two years (by March 1st) to play.  $100 per team includes table time; Combined Skill level limit of 10; modified single elimination; Winners go to Vegas for the tournament which is May 4-5, 2022.  

- Singles Boards @ Bayshore Billiards 7:30pm
26th  -  9-Ball Singles Regional Event - This is not an open event, only for those who qualified on a 9-Ball singles board through December 1st.  




 4th  -  Singles Boards at VIP 7:30pm

5th - 6th  -  8-Ball Singles Regional 9am @ VIP Billiards

12th  -  9-Ball Cash Scotch Doubles 12pm @ Felt  -  Combined skill level limit of 11; modified single elim; $60 per team ($10 table time, $50 prize money)

18th -  Fall Session 8-Ball Tri-Cups - @ Goodfellas & Bayshore (rescheduled from January 29th)

26th  -  Singles Boards 4pm @ VIP


2nd  -  Jack & Jill for Vegas in August -  12pm @ Goodfellas  -  Must be male/female; combined skill level limit of 10; $100 per team includes table time; modified single elimination event; Winners go to Vegas in August of 2022.

9th  -  Team Captain For Vegas in August - 12pm @ VIP  -  FREE ENTRY into the tournament to all who have captained at least 2 teams over the past 2 sessions.  Here are the details to enter:
   *$20 per team table time fee
   *All captains must be from Suffolk County
   *3-4 captains per team
   *3 play each round up to 15 in skill level
   *Only one 6 and higher per team
    *Captains play at their highest skill level between 8 and 9 ball
    *All 8's & 9's play as 7's in this event
    *Combination of 8 & 9-Ball games
    *Two teams will win a trip to Las Vegas with a $2,800 travel fund and the
      $200 entry fee paid for a Total of $6000!
If you can't put your own team together but would like to be on a team, let me know and I'll hook you up with a team.

16th  -  Singles Boards 2pm @ Felt Billiards

23rd  -  Singles Boards 4pm @ Bayshore

7th  -  Ladies League Final playoffs for Vegas

9th - 12th  -  Spring Session 8-Ball Tri-Cups - Various locations t/b/d

14th  -  Spring Session 9-Ball Tri-Cups - Locations t/b/d

21st - 22nd  -  Tier-2 Playdown Tournament 8-Ball & 9-Ball

30th - Happy 30th Anniversary Missy & Steve


3rd  -  Singles Boards at VIP @ 7:30pm



7th - 10th  -  NORTHEAST CHALLENGE IS BACK in Syracuse